Friday, November 13, 2009

Thunder Collins: Thunder Collins Behind Bars

Thunder Collins is making headlines. Thunder Collins was sentenced today. Thunder Collins is a former Nebraska Cornhuskers running back, and Thunder Collins was convicted of attempted murder.
According to ESPN, Thunder Collins was convicted of first-degree murder back in August of this year. In addition to first degree murder, Collins was also convicted of attempted second degree murder, weapons charges, and felony assault.  The first degree murder charge means a mandatory life sentence for Thunder Collins.  The other charges could have gotten him another 130 years.
Thunder Collins was sentenced today.  He was sentenced to life in prison.  Thunder Collins maintains his innocence and has a “never say die” attitude, saying he’d see the judge upon appeal.
He also told the judge that he wanted to be buried upside down so that his critics could kiss his A**.  He also maintains his innocence and thinks that he was convicted only because he was a “prominent” figure in the community.
Thunder Collins was the mastermind behind a planned drug deal in which Collins would rob the men.  One man was killed and another was left for dead.
Thunder Collins is no stranger to trouble with the law. He has pleaded guilty of disturbing the peace charges and has been acquitted of assault and burglary charges in a 2003 incident involving a domestic disturbance.

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