Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Carrie Prejean sextape video watch

Searching for the Carrie Prejean sextape video download? Thinking that there might be somewhere that has the Carrie Prejean sextape download?
Wanting to watch the Carrie Prejean sextape video?
You really might want to think again here. For there will be no legitimate site that offers the Carrie Prejean sextape video to watch or download. Not a one.
Everyone offering the Carrie Prejean sextape video for you to watch or download will be a malware site. They'll say they have it, ask you do download a video driver of player, and then infect your machine.
Absolutely no one will be offering the real Carrie Prejeab sextape video fo your to watch or download. For, you see, she was 17 when it was made. That means that the Carrie Prejean sex tape is child pornography.
You've got to be 18 to exercise your constitutionally protetcted rights to free speech by stripping off and having sex of any kind on camera. If you're a day below that age then it isn't free speech, it's child pornography. And those who sell it, those who distribute it and even, in certain places, those who watch it inadvertently can go to jail.
It just ain't gonna happen folks, there just won't be a version of the tape on the net.


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